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V V Shipping & Logistics Pvt. Ltd. is associated with the most reliable and resourceful network of aircraft and ship vessel experts who not only locate the aircraft or ships that best suit our clients' needs but also help in acquiring them in the smoothest and the most efficient manner possible.
Break bulk cargo is a term that covers a great variety of goods that must be loaded individually, and not in intermodal containers nor in bulk as with oil or grain.
The overall number of vessels, their shallow drafts, large cargo holds, overall compact vessel dimensions and high lifting capacities are important fleet features and with that Break Bulk / Chartering offers flexibility and reliability for any assignment. This means Break Bulk / Chartering can respond to any project demand ensuring the required resources are aligned so the shipment will get delivered within time and budget.
Our chartering services are the most comprehensive you will find - maintaining an aircraft as well as water ships database and keeping regular tabs on the availability of thousands of shipping vessels globally is something that we do regularly. Moreover, through our strong contacts in the logistics industry, we are always updated on the data of airports, latest legislation as well as current fuel prices.