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Hazardous Cargo / ISO Tanks / Flexi Tanks :-

The term "hazardous" calls to mind safety norms to be observed in handling. We call ourselves an expert in handling the same as every precaution is taken by us to protect people and the marine environment. ecm logistics has a strong commitment to principles of safety, health and environmental protection in the storage, transportation and delivery of dangerous goods. Strict controls are in place to ensure that these cargoes are handled safely. we are experts in shipping / air freighting hazardous cargo that are fully compliant with imdg, adr and iata regulations. We specialize in handling the issuance of dangerous goods declaration, classification, packing, re-packing, labeling and transport. We have built a reputation of being experts in the world of hazardous cargo, and are often contacted by other forwarders and liners for advice.
We serve our valuable customers worldwide for Export and Import through our division of ISO / Flexi Tank Container business, for spot shipment, nomination / dedicated shipments. ISO / Flexi tanks are the revolutionary concept in the transportation of liquid, gaseous and powder chemicals.
ISO tanks are the revolutionary concept in the transportation of liquid, gaseous and powder chemicals. They provide a sturdy safe and user friendly mode of loading, carriage, transportation, shipping and discharge of various hazardous, non-hazardous and food grade chemicals adhering to the international norms regulations of safety.
We serve our valuable customers for worldwide locations for Export and Import through our division of ISO Tank Container agency business
Flexi Tank is special equipment for transportation of Bulk non- hazardous liquid. It is a special soft tight tank which is produced from high quality plastic material, with a capacity from 14 up to 24 thousand liter and when empty, it occupies less than a cubic meter. It is installed in a 20' dry container for use. At installation, the flexi tank is laid in the 20' ft container, and the cargo is being filled in to the flexi tank through the inlet value and it bulges as it is filled with the liquid.
Flexi tank is a break through in Bulk Liquid transport and extremely cost effective in terms of time, money and man power and superior to the conventional methods of bulk liquid transport. In a flexi tank unit; we can accommodate 24,000 liters when compared to transportation in drums can accommodate 40% more volume. It is not only time saving but also cost saving by 40% while loading and discharge; when compared to Loading/Unloading Drums. There is negligible residue (0.1%) when compared to drums (1%) and similarly loss to the cargo while loading/unloading is negligible when compared to that of Drums/IBC's.
We provide flexi tanks with leak proof tank mouth which made of unique technique & patented for its design. Thus we ensure that our Flexi tanks are safer for transport of liquid. Certainly; this is a difference to the others available in the market.